The wait is over, Revenge fans.

The ABC soap returns after a mini-hiatus on March 10 and deals with the fallout after Amanda's (Margarita Levieva) tragic death, which will reinvigorate Emily's (Emily VanCamp) quest for revenge and introduce viewers to a completely different Jack (Nick Wechsler).

We caught up with the cast at the Evening with Revenge event at the TV Academy in Los Angeles, where they dropped some seriously juicy scoop on what fans can expect from second half of the season.

1. A Fan Favorite Takes a Dark Turn: "Jack goes dark, which I welcome because it's about time," Wechsler teases of his character's turn after Amanda's death. "He's not going to put up with...because he's put up with a lot and he never responds the way Emily does. There's always been a clear line between Jack being the avatar for the good in us and Emily being the avatar for the part of us that wants to go even the score with people, so they finally blur the lines with Jack a bit."

2. A Loss of Trust: As for any possibility of a romance happening between Jack and Emily, Wechsler teases, "They would have to hash some stuff out first, because things get pretty complicated and I think he ends up not trusting her."

3. High School Woes: Though they are surrounded by revenge plots and death, Connor Paolo says Declan and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) will be facing normal teenage problems in upcoming episodes. "They're both doing college applications in what we're working on now, so I know they are dealing with that as I was in high school, like if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend you think, "Oh my gosh, we might be separating.' This is the age of Twitter and Facebook, but it still makes things difficult." So does he think the couple is in it for the long haul? "I think they want to. I think he does, I think he's very much in love, but we'll see," he teases.

4. The End of the Initiative?: Viewers have had a less than favorable reaction to The Initiative storyline in season two, so they should be pleased to hear Josh Bowman say it will end soon. "They're ironing out the Initiative storyline and my relationship with them," he explains. "It's been very sort of ambiguous as to where it's going and I think the writers are really drilling it to sort of end over the next couple of eps to create a huge finale." But that doesn't mean the Initiative's newest representative Trask, played by Burn Gorman, isn't a major threat. "He's kind of darker, dirtier, meaner," Mann teases. "He's going to get up to some terrible stuff."

5. Mo' Love Interests, Mo' Problems: "Nolan for the rest of the season will be dealing with the fallout of his various love lives and everything he has wrought in all of his romantic endeavors so far," Mann teases.

Revenge airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

For more scoop from the cast, watch our interviews with them above!

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