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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets. Check back every Tuesday!

Women Tell All! This is one of my favorite nights of the season. First things first, I love that Sean went around crashing all of those Bachelor viewing parties. How fun! I wish I had gotten to do that on my season! Hanging out with fans of the show is one of my favorite things to do. It had to be so great to surprise so many of them! Maybe I'll just start showing up at random houses to watch TV with people. That's the same, right? Ha!
So the Women Tell All night is a very surreal night. I vividly remember sitting there feeling so weird that people were cheering for me. It's the first time you realize that people know who you are. I was nervous and scared and I knew that life would never be the same. It's just a weird night, so watching it each season is a funny trip down memory lane.

Say what you will about Tierra, but it took a lot of courage for her to show up. She could've bailed on Women Tell All like so many have done in the past. I honestly respect that. She knew what she was getting herself into and she still went. Props. Having said that, I had been looking forward to seeing her on last night's show for a while. She spoke with a quiet voice the whole time and really tried to come off as innocent, but I 'm guessing the world saw through that. She acted so victimized, but I don't think anyone bought it.

A part of me was hoping that she would use this episode as an opportunity to apologize for her bizarre behavior on the show, but she didn't. To me, this is a pretty clear demonstration of her immaturity. If she had apologized and said 'I'm sorry' to everyone, do you think the women would have forgiven her? I kind of doubt it, but I still think she should have tried. Clearly she has a lot of growing up to do.

Side note: I had a lot of people ask me on Twitter, and no, Sean does not get to listen in on the girls' conversation while sitting backstage. He is walking out pretty vulnerable and oblivious. Again, it's an intense night.

AshLee seriously called Sean out last night. I know he's a born again virgin, but her behavior really makes me wonder if they got physical together in the fantasy suite. She said she felt "dishonored" by him. I was shocked when she said that Sean said (did you follow that? Ha!) he didn't have feelings for the other women, maybe that is what she meant by being dishonored. That was intense. I don't know who we should believe. I think Sean is a good guy, and I think he must have said something to AshLee about the other girls and probably wasn't thinking when he said it. I just don't think AshLee would have reason to call Sean out if he didn't say anything about not liking the other girls, especially when she thought the cameras weren't rolling. Why would she continue to push Sean and say he said he didn't like the other girls when she thought it wasn't being aired? I like Sean. I like AshLee. But something strange is going on here.

The Bachelor

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Best Quote of the Night: "I think Tierra made her own bed, her own cot, what have you."—Lesley

Favorite Moment of the Night: when Chris Harrison called Tierra out on her eyebrow and her sparkle.

Now time for questions from my Twitter followers:
Heidi (@huff79) asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline: Do the women find out at WTA who the final pick is, or do they find out with the rest of us?
The women find out with the rest of us. They have no idea going into the Women Tell All. Unless they secretly contacted Lindsay or Catherine somehow. But I don't know how they would have done that.

Sara (@Paynedleton) asks @AliFedotowsky: Do any of the women get paid to come on the Women Tell All? It seems like producers would have to pay Tierra to come.
No. They aren't paid. At least not that I am aware of. Tierra probably felt that she could come on the show and successfully defend herself. As we all say last night, she wasn't very successful.

Erica (@epayson95) asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline: Hey Ali. When you were the Bachelorette, how did you feel going into the Men Tell All? #Bachelor
I was both excited and nervous. I remember feeling so weird when they called my name and people cheered for me. I think it's the first time I realized how big the show actually was and what I had gotten myself into. I don't tend to get nervous, but I was incredibly nervous then! I remember seeing Jake and feeling like I didn't know him at all. Yes, I got emotional watching our journey replayed (yep, I just said journey), but that's only because what I was watching was an emotional time in my life. I remember looking at Jake and thinking, Did I really almost get engaged to him? I didn't feel like I really knew him. The reason I felt this way is because I left right after hometowns. You get the majority of your time with the "contestants" after hometowns. I didn't get that time with him. That is why I tend to say that the women up until this point weren't really in love with him, they just thought they were.

Finale next week! Can't wait to watch with all of you and answer more of your questions about what happens once the cameras stop rolling. Follow me at @alifedotowsky on twitter and tweet me your questions because I might answer yours next week!
Until next time…
xo, Ali

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