Jimmy Kimmel, Morrissey

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Jimmy Kimmel wants it to be known that he has, um, no beef with Morrissey.

Despite the English singer and animal rights activist's abrupt decision to pull out of performing on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live to protest his fellow guests, who were the duck-hunting stars of the A&E reality hit Duck Dynasty, the funnyman says he still wants Morrissey to appear on his late-night show. 

"Note to Morrissey – if you have more dumb statements to make, I invite you to make them where I do, on my show," tweeted Kimmel Wednesday.

Along with the invitation, the comedian included a humorous twitpic of The Smiths' former frontman brandishing what looks like a tommy gun with the caption, "Morrissey, you are the Quarry."

Upon canceling his appearance on Monday, Morrissey, who's a vegan, put out a press release saying that he "can't take the risk" morally of appearing alongside what he called "animal serial killers," referring to the Robertson family, the clan whose exploits operating a business for duck hunters are chronicled on the cable network and just kicked off a third season as one of A&E's most watched series.

On Tuesday's JKL during his opening monologue, however, Kimmel couldn't resist mocking Morrissey for living up to his glum reputation. 

"While I respect his stance on this, I really do, there's a very good reason why I didn't dump the Duck Dynasty guys for Morrissey. And that's because they have guns," quipped Jimmy. "By the way, if Morrissey is this serious about being associated with meat of any kind he shouldn't do any television shows, because I guarantee when he was on Letterman last month there had to be an Outback Steakhouse commercial in the mix."

He added: "He keeps finding new ways to depress us."

Kimmel also showed a fake commercial featuring the Duck Dynasty guys hawking a "carrot call," a product for vegans "specifically designed to mimic the call of a wild carrot."


At the start of Wednesday's show, however, the comic extended an olive branch, saying he respects Morrissey's views and asking the musician to come back on the show.

"I'm at Warissey," joked Kimmel about their feud. "This has nothing to do with people who eat meat versus people who don't. I'm completely respectful of people who do not eat meat…but the statement he made is ridiculous. So I'd like to invite him to join me on the show to discuss it. Because I'm an open, evenhanded person, who considers all points of view."

He concluded: "So you are invited, Morrissey, to talk this out, and perhaps we'll be better men for it. But probably not."

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