No one—not even Jamie Foxx—is immune to Channing Tatum's charm.

Sunday night after the 2013 Oscars, the White House Down costars dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jamie gushed about working with People's Sexiest Man Alive and even sang a musical tribute to him!

"I just love working with Channing," the Oscar winner said. "You say his name and it feels euphoria. It's like, 'Aloha.' It means hello and goodbye."

He continued to gush about the Magic Mike star's moniker. "It's such a great name and it means so many wonderful things," he said.

Jamie then proceeded to play the piano and sing a musical tribute to Channing. "I see a pretty lady across the bar / She smiles at me and gets right in my car," he crooned. "And I know I wanna Channing all over her Tatum!"

Channing, at first, feigned disdain. "No!" he said. "What is happening? That's dirty, man."

Jamie shushed him, telling the dad-to-be, "It's not dirty at all. It's almost spiritual!"

He then proceeded to sing several more verses of "Channing Your Tatum." Jimmy tried his hand at it, but funnily fell short when he inadvertently, dirtily brought his mom into the mix.

By the end of the ditty, however, Channing was embracing Jamie's musical tribute. The former exotic dancer climbed atop the piano and proceeded to dance in a very sexual way.

Um, we'd Channing his Tatum any day. But since that's not an option, we'll check him and Jamie out in White House Down when it opens June 28.

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