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Did you attend one of the best TV weddings ever last night? And by "attend," we mean watch Parks and Recreation and became so overcome with emotion you rolled off the couch? Us, too.

In case you missed "Ben and Leslie" last night, or you just want to relive the glorious memories, here are the five best moments from the Parks and Rec wedding:

1. All Hands on Deck: What's better than marrying your best friend? Marrying your best friend with the help of the rest of your best friends. 

Parks and Rec GIF

2. Ron's Fists of Fury: Ron (Nick Offerman) punched councilman Jamm in the face when he interrupted Ben and Leslie's first attempt at getting married, which was awesome. What was less awesome was the fact that Ron ended up in jail. When Leslie (Amy Poehler) came to visit him, he insisted that she hurry up and get married while the gala tent was still set up. No dice. Her refusal to walk down the aisle without her escort was the perfect celebration of Ron and Leslie's friendship.

Parks and Rec GIF

3. Leslie's Dress: What's the perfect dress for someone who loves her job as much as Leslie Knope? Creating a skirt made out of important documents that relate to her work. Ann (Rashida Jones) made use of her Project Runway obsession and "made it work," turning an unfinished dress into a work of government art. As Leslie put it, it was the "Ann Perkins of dresses." 

4. I Love You and I Like You: We can't describe their wedding vows without crying so…just…keep moving. Or watch the scene above.

Parks and Rec GIF

5. DJ Roomba Returns: Tom's pet DJ Roomba is back to spin some hot tracks for the wedding reception! But it was Andy's (Chris Pratt) rendition of "5000 Candles in the Wind," the goodbye song he wrote for Lil' Sebastian, that really got Leslie's grooving.

Perfect wedding episode was perfect. What was your favorite part?

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