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Prepare for more heartbreak, Revenge fans!

In today's Spoiler Chat, one of the stars of the ABC hit teases what fans can expect after the big death in last week's episode, plus we've got scoop on a highly anticipated family member's debut on Community and what's next for Hart of Dixie's Zoe and Wade. If that's not enough, we've also got spoilers on Once Upon a Time, The Mentalist, Parks and Rec and more!

Thomas: I'll take some Once Upon a Time spoilers!
In the March 7 episode "The Miller's Daughter," Rose McGowan kills it as a young Cora and we get to see how Regina's evil mother became the power-hungry person she is today.  We'll also see her first meeting with Rumpelstiltskin, which is, in a word, seductive.

Elena: Any scoop on how Jeff will react to meeting his dad on Community? Can't wait for James Brolin to show up!
Expect the unexpected! "I meet my father in our Thanksgiving episode. [James] was great. He was a real goofball which I was not expecting, which was really good for Jeff's dad," Joel McHale teases. "Not goofball in his performance, but he was a really funny, like gregarious guy and it made his character very dynamic. He's a warm, likeable guy which is not what Jeff wanted."

Juan: Any scoop on Revenge?
Don't put away the tissues just yet as Amanda won't be the only casualty in the Hamptons this season. "More deaths coming," Gabriel Mann ominously teases. "Lots of tears, lots of fury, lots of vengeance, Revenge squared."

Tess: Give me all the Parks and Rec wedding scoop that you have.
Ron Swanson, is that you? Oh, that's right. You're more partial to bacon and eggs. Showrunner Mike Schur revealed that everyone will have a job to fulfill on Ben and Leslie's wedding day, which means we will hear Donna sing for the first time! Mostly, the wedding will be about Leslie letting go of her anal planning-ways and giving into spontaneity. "Leslie is a fun combo of brains and gu,t and her brain is operating at the beginning of the episode, but then her gut takes over and she goes with it," Schur said. "There's a nice scene in the episode about reading the signs and looking for signs that things are right." Bonus scoop: are you ready to meet Jean-Ralphio's sister? You better get ready, because she's coming!


Steve Wilkie/USA Network

Sarah: Please give us Zoe and Wade some good news! Hart of Dixie's last episode broke my Zade-loving heart!
Sorry, but things are not looking good for Zoe and Wade as the show is currently casting a new love interest for Bluebell's cutest doc: Michael, Max's father! Though he's unlikely match for her at first, Zoe kind of likes that he's pretty normal, but too bad he's not exactly into all the drama going on in her life.

Thompson: Where is the Covert Affairs scoop?
Right here! Covert Affairs is currently looking for a major recurring character for season four named Teo, a Colombian rebel leader. Teo is described as charismatic and intellectually curious, but he has big secrets about his past that will affect both Annie and Auggie.

Carina: You guys never give us any scoop on The Newsroom!
We apologize and offer up this fun tease to make it up to you: Pack your bags because The Newsroom is heading to Uganda! Well, at least Maggie and Gary are, as the two will be visiting an orphanage in Uganda in episode four.

myownlittlecrnr: got anything on The Mentalist, specifically about Red John? #SpoilerChat
Nothing popping up lately about Red John, so rest easy for now. However, fans of Rigsby and Van Pelt better gird their loins, because a very handsome and very smart new character is coming onto the scene to take Van Pelt out on a date.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Brett Malec

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