DO NOT USE TILL 3PM PST, All Access Oscars 2013

This year marks the 19th consecutive year that Wolfgang Puck will be the official Oscar chef.

Our very own Liz Hernandez was hanging out with Wolfgang as he put the finishing touches on his masterpieces for the Governors Ball meal and we have all the food-prep photos!

While cooking for such a large group of A-listers would be beyond intimidating for most chefs, Wolfgang is cool as a cucumber!

Not only is he making a massive amount of food, he's tasked with prepping tons of different delicacies so there is something to satisfy all the different diets of the attendees.

Some of the specialties he's serving up include: truffle and parmesan grissini, edamame guacamole (how cool is that?!), chicken pot pie (for the traditionalists), caviar baked potatoes and Oscar-shaped blinis with smoked salmon. 

For more scoop and coverage of the ball and other afterparties, keep it here on E! Online.

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