Busy Philipps

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for PCA

Planning an Academy Awards' soiree this Sunday, but not sure how to impress your guests?

Don't despair; we've got your party plans covered! 

We caught up with Cougar Town star, BACARDI Classic Clocktails Light spokesperson and certified home entertainer, Busy Philipps (who will be throwing her own Oscars bash this year), to get her tips on throwing a fun, and totally glamorous bash.

Here's what she told us:

1. Print Out a Ballot. "Everyone loves filling out the ballots during the show," she says. "Plus, it's always fun to see who wins the more obscure categories that people guess on like sound design and best foreign film!"

2. Pre-record the Pre-show. "Don't invite your guests over at the start of the pre-show," she says. "Record it and then invite your girlfriends over so you can fast forward to see the stars you want to see most." As for the star she's most excited to see on the carpet? "Jennifer Lawrence! She's looked beautiful at every awards show so far!"

3. Serve Pre-made Cocktails. "I serve BACARDI Mojito to make it easy on everybody," she says. "Plus, that way nobody will miss any of the show by making drinks because you just open the bottle and serve!"

Will you be using any of Busy's entertaining tips during this year's Oscars? Sound off in the comments below! 

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