Brandi Glanville

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Is Brandi Glanville finally ready to bury the hatchet?

Perhaps you might have heard that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who just published a tell-all book titled Drinking & Tweeting, has been on a quote-tastic spree against ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian and the woman he left her for, LeAnn Rimes.

The glorious result, courtesy of Glanville's phenomenally unfiltered id, is a spectacular post-breakup free fall that includes slashed motorcycle tires, a vaginal-rejuvenation touch-up and at least one case of a maligned "little tramp."

But that may all soon be bygones—at least according to Glanville: After she's done promoting her book, the 40-year-old vows she's done trashing, mauling and disemboweling her ex and his new missus.

E! News caught up with the statuesque blond stunner backstage at Anderson Cooper's eponymous show in New York City, where Glanville served as cohost for an episode of Anderson Live airing today.

And to hear her say it, Glanville is dunzo with the drama.

"The book, for me, is closure on the subject," she told us. "I won't be speaking about Eddie or LeAnn in public anymore. I won't be Twitter-warring with anyone."

The Real Housewife added that the book was her stab at airing her side of things: "They've done numerous sit-downs. And they've told their side of the story. I've never done that, and so this is my side of the story. This is my closure."

Glanville insisted that "when this is done, I'm done with them, as far as publicly speaking about them. This is my truth, and now I'm done."

The reality star also shared her optimistic outlook on her relationship with Cibrian and Rimes as she moves forward.

"I hope that they can just be happy and she can do her singing and he can get an acting job," Glanville says. "And that we can peacefully coexist. I just wanna make sure that she's healthy and stable, 'cause she's around my children. So I need to make sure that that's all OK." 

Here's hoping this particular détente sticks.

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