Evan Rachel Wood

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Evan Rachel Wood is not going to stand around and let the paparazzi invade her privacy, especially if it involves her unborn baby.

The actress, who is expecting her first child with hubby Jamie Bell, unleashed her fury on Twitter after finding out that the Daily Mail published a photo of her ultrasound.

"Which sick f--k paparazzi hid in the parking lot of my hospital after my ultrasound. I cant stand this," she tweeted.

"You took a picture of my ultrasound photo???!!!! I couldnt be more furious right now. I want to cry. My child isnt even born yet," Wood continued, "Thats my child. Its not even out of the womb and they are snapping photos of it. I am getting out of la. People have no hearts."

Oh, there's more.

"I have never been more violated by a photographer. Thats the inside of my body and my child. Would u like my soul too? nothing is sacred," the soon-to-be mom added. "Fyi i was not walking down the st parading my ultrasound photo. That was the roof of a hospital parking garage where you should be safe."

The star then proceeded to ask the publication to take the photo down, saying, "please remove the photos because they are private medical records, and its an invasion." It looks like they listened, because Wood then retweeted someone who let the celeb know that the page had been removed.

Lesson learned.

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