Amanda Bynes, Twit Pic


We all wig out sometimes, OK?

Amanda Bynes just did so—literally—with a blond wig on Sunday.

In a blurry Twitpic, the 26-year-old appears to wink at the camera while adjusting a short, blond hairpiece. She captioned the photo simply, "Hi!"

Well, hey.

Since Amanda's hit-and-run charges were dismissed in December, the She's the Man star has been quite active on Twitter. She's written about her workouts ("Taking gymnastic classes bwaha"), showed off her new piercings (ouch), called Jay-Z "ugly face" (she had the good sense to backtrack on that one) and even shared some throwback links to her Nickelodeon days.

A little eclectic, sure. But if you ask us, she's still all that.

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