Victoria Beckham


Well, in her defense, it is a pretty stylish bag.

Victoria Beckham continued proving that she doesn't take herself nearly as seriously as her detractors would have you believe, and took to Twitter last night to post a photo of her fashionable self in the midst of New York Fashion Week craziness.

Specifically, a photo of herself with a bag on her head. Guess we know what next season's hot new trend is going to be.

"It's that time in the season when we all get a little delirious #NYFW x Vb," David Beckham's more fully clothed half wrote, alongside the strangely familiar photo (right, Marc Jacobs?).

As it happens, dear old Vicki has been chronicling her fashion week exploits every step of the way online, tweeting out photos from her afternoon tea castings, her runway show preparations, and even some random and stylish knicknacks she's picked up along the way (apparently, Prada makes the poshest pencils ever and Commes de Garçons the most comfortable socks).

Who knew. Well, other than Victoria Beckham, that is. Mrs. Becks, meanwhile, is hard at work for not one but two showings, as in addition to her main line, she'll also be showcasing her Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection.

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