David Beckham, H&M


Turns out, there is someone as hot as David Beckham. His body double.

After watchdog fans and tabloids began speculating the soccer stud used a stuntman in his new, ridiculously hot H&M bodywear short film, the clothing corporation has set the record straight, admitting that Becks did indeed use a body double in parts of the video.

Oh, the scandal! 

"David was very involved in the advert including doing most of the stunts," a rep for H&M said in a statement. "Due to his tight schedule a body double was used in smaller parts of the video."

The Guy Ritchie-directed short film shows the superhot star getting locked out of his house, stripping down to his underwear and chasing after his clothes, much to the delight of many stunned spectators. Oh, and he also adjusts those very fitted briefs from time to time.

The father of four also addressed the body double dilemma during his H&M Twitter chat yesterday when a fan asked whether he performed all his own stunts: 

Here are even more shots of sexy, shirtless David's H&M campaign!

"Hi @lizwren yes I did pretty much all my own stunts, was good fun //Beckham," Victoria Beckham's man posted on the social media page. 

Mystery solved! Now, let's all go back swooning over a shirtless Becks (or body double? who cares!).

Talk about a whole new meaning to "bend it like Beckham." 

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