Beyoncé's Sexy 2013 Super Bowl Outfit Slammed by PETA—Too Much Skin!

Animal-rights activists object to the leather, iguana and python combo

By Natalie Finn Feb 06, 2013 2:45 AMTags
Beyonce, SuperbowlChristopher Polk/Getty Images

PETA thinks Beyoncé showed way too much skin at the 2013 Super Bowl.

"We would take a bet that if Beyoncé watched our video exposés...she'd probably not want to be seen again in anything made of snakes, lizards, rabbits, or other animals who died painfully," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told E! News, reacting to the halftime show headliner's skimpy leather outfit, which also incorporated iguana and python skin (but, for the record, no rabbit) in addition to nylon and other man-made materials.

"Today's fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyoncé's Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score."

It's already been a rough year for these two, PETA also reportedly finding fault with the Christian Dior mink coat Beyoncé wore to the presidential inauguration last month.

PETA did, however, have find something to cheer about after the Super Bowl: They applauded the complete absence of great apes in this year's batch of commercials, taking special note of's decision to not once again dress chimps in suits and ties for human amusement.