Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show

I keep thinking that Beyoncé has got to be overexposed by now. How much more famous has she got to get before people start to rebel?
—Inflatable Amy, via Twitter

Sure, it sure seems that Beyoncé should be overexposed by now.

In 2012 alone, we saw a Mommy Beyoncé (via Blue Ivy); a political Beyoncé (she and Jay-Z raised $4 million for Obama's re-election); sellout Beyoncé (three out of her four Revel revue shows sold out within 60 seconds) and mogul Beyoncé (Forbes put her on its power-ladies list, thanks to, among other ventures, her music and fashion lines).

And 2012 didn't even see a new album release, tour or film.

Since then, of course, we've been treated to an inaugural Beyoncé; controversy magnet Beyoncé; Super Bowl hellion Beyoncé; world tourist Beyoncé and, soon, documentarian Beyoncé. And February just started, people.

(Oh, and let's not forget Beyoncé's obvious connection to the Illuminati, Amy. If you rebel, she and hers will come for you in a giant flying triangle that also happens to look exactly like Jay-Z's label logo.)

But despite all that exposure, folks, I can tell you with authority that you, out there, are nowhere near as sick of Beyoncé as you would be over some lesser creature.

There is a company that actually measures overexposure. And according to E-Poll Market Research, Beyoncé's overexposure score is relatively low, at 19. Fans actually considered her to be more overexposed in 2005, when her score was still a comparatively low 25.

Compare that to figure to Beyoncé's current appeal score—50—and you begin to see the reality:

Bey is pretty much bulletproof, at least, right now.

"Despite all the coverage with the new baby and all the magazine covers flaunting her post-baby physique, people still want more," an E-Poll spokesman tells me.

That's quite a feat.

Consider Kanye West, who seemed much less visible last year and who yet has an overexposure score of about 37. Miley Cyrus, who had a pretty positive 2012 that included an engagement and an image-boosting haircut (but no new albums and two very quiet movies), and who nonetheless has an overexposure score of 42.

Whatever you're doing Beyoncé, keep it up.

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