Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan, the fashion police are coming for you. Specifically, your half-baked tan job.

While the perpetually troubled LiLo seems to have made laudable strides in choosing appropriate courtroom attire (she's certainly had practice—and kudos for leaving the skintight minis at home this time, Linds), she clearly still has a bit of a way to go until she nails her courthouse look completely.

Because her last-minute, red-eye-flying scramble to make it to her probation violation hearing this morning clearly caused her to skimp on one important aspect of her grooming routine: namely, ensuring that her all-over glow was, indeed, all over.

As it happens, it didn't quite work out that way.

Instead, LiLo rocked up to court this morning with the spray tan equivalent of a mullet: camera-ready business up top (check out that bronzed face and arms); naturally pale (and no less lovely) party down below. Separately, fine. Together, not so much.

Granted, the 26-year-old had more important things to worry about when she got ready to face the judge this morning. And yes, she was reportedly recovering from illness—what her attorney Mark Heller called a New York strain of "upper respiratory infection."

Still, we have faith in you and your fashion sense, Linds. Next time, come out and make us eat our words. And maybe do one last spot-check in the mirror before you leave the house.

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