The Bachelor

Rick Rowell/ABC

The Bachelor literally got caught between a rock and a hard place tonight.

After a day of rock-climbing and bonding with Selma Alameri, Sean Lowe wanted nothing more than to seal the deal with a kiss.

"I can't kiss you yet," Selma whispered during a fireside cuddling session, explaining that she comes from a very strict family and her mother isn't too happy about her daughter going off searching for love on national TV. 

"To put it on a big deal for her, and we'll see what happens. That's my story," she said. "So that kind of explains why I haven't been able to kiss you today."

Sean, being the gentleman that he is, of course said that he totally respected that (and we believe him), but did he hear her say that they'll have to wait "till I'm his only lady"?

Yeah, that's gonna take a while.

Alas, Amanda Meyer was hit right in the kisser when she face-planted during the group-date roller derby shenanigans. The accident required an emergency trip to the doctor to get her jaw checked out and prompted Sean to turn the outing into a more low-key disco derby. 

Still on skates, of course!

No surprise, the other girls' "concern" for Amanda immediately turned into resentment about the extra attention Sean paid to her, especially when he took her off for some alone time upon her return that night.

"Luckily I wasn't hurt too badly, but I love the sympathy card," she admitted in her aside commentary. "I play dirty...I'm going to milk the heck out of this." 

But it was Tierra LiCausi's carefully orchestrated freakout that earned the group-date rose, the 24-year-old having tearfully confronted Sean—while he was on his way to the hot tub with someone else!—about her concern that she "just can't do it at all. As bad as I want to, I just can't."

These ladies do know by now, 17 seasons in, that the Bachelor isn't going to scrap a dozen other ladies and just run off when confronted with that now-common conundrum, right?

"You have to be strong, you have to be aggressive and take the girls down," Tierra said later. "I'm not going to let any girl stop me from being with Sean.

Leslie Hughes, however, got the black-tie shopping spree, her date card having come with diamond earrings in the first place. 

"I feel like I'm in the movie Pretty Woman!" she exclaimed, obviously more caught up in the fantasy than concerned about the kept-woman/hooker connotation.

She also ended up wearing a 120-carat Neil Lane diamond necklace around her neck to a dinner that ended with her not getting a rose. "I never felt like it clicked," Sean lamented, after which Leslie warned him to "look out for some of the other girls." Famous parting words.

Sean later made up for lost kissy time at the cocktail party with Catherine Giudici, after which it was time to break a few hearts. 

The girl Sean no longer has to watch out for? Amanda! 

So much for milking the sympathy card.

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