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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets. Check back every Tuesday!

Two seconds into the show and Sean already has his shirt off. No complaining here. At. All. God Bless The Bachelor.

Leslie M. seemed down to earth and real. I dig her, so I'm glad he took her on the first date this week. Their date wasn't super romantic, but I think Sean must at least be sexually attracted to her since he picked her for this date. I mean, he wouldn't want to be stuck lip-locked for over three minutes with someone he wasn't sexually attracted to, ya know? But how awkward must that kiss have been? I mean, I would happily do that with someone I have been dating for a while, but I think it would be so hard to do with someone I just met. Keep in mind that at this point she has probably spent less than a few hours total with Sean. Yes, that's including the cocktail parties and the group date. You really get very little time with the Bachelor during those things. Regardless, they seem into each other and I think it's pretty awesome that they got to beat a world record together. But I couldn't help but notice how short her dress was getting while they were kissing. It kept sneaking up. I wanted to pull it down for her. Poor thing.

The nighttime portion of the date was very sweet. Sean was basically blushing the whole time. I think Leslie could be in the top three based on tonight. Not only do she and Sean seem to have a connection, but she comes off as being exactly who she is in front of him and not putting on a show for the cameras.

Would it be The Bachelor if a bunch of girls didn't get in bikinis? I think not. However, a day of fun in the sun isn't drama-licous enough, so I knew that the date would throw in a curve ball at some point. I'm guessing that the girls weren't exactly great volleyball players, 'cause from the sounds of it, that game went on for a while. I'm awful at volleyball, so I would have been on the losing team for sure. But who cares about volleyball, let's talk about the HUGE mistake that Kacie B made last night (yeah I'm still calling her Kacie B instead of just Kacie).

Let me start off by being very clear that I am all for going to the Bachelor/Bachelorette about something you may see in the house that could affect him/her. On my season, Craig R came to me when he thought that Justin R wasn't there for the right reasons, and I really appreciated that he did that. However, he came to me because he was concerned about me. Not because Justin was making his life harder in any way. The mistake that Kacie made was making the Desiree/Amanda drama about her and how it was affecting her. It didn't really have anything to do with Sean. He was right to be confused as to why she was getting involved. Heck, I was confused too. Also unlike the Bachelorette, warning the "Bachelors" about the girls never seems to go well. Maybe men want to trust their own feelings and feel they are being "told" what to do when the girls bring up girl drama? I honestly don't know. In the end, the situation is really too bad. I like Kacie. But she made a big mistake and I knew she was going home last night the second she did that.

Moving on to Ashlee…I didn't see any real sparks there—did you? But I loved this date. Not because of Ashlee and Sean, but becuase of Emily and Brianna. I love them and loved this date because of them! Even though I don't think Ashlee will be around much longer, I still got all warm and fuzzy inside watching this date. Those two girls had the time of their life! 

At the end of the date Sean totally threw me off because when he gave Ashlee the rose he seemed so into her. I just think Sean is a really nice guy and wants to make every woman feel wanted. I respect that, but I also think it's going to lead to A LOT of broken hearts. I see a lot of tears in the future of this show. Dang it Sean…such a heartbreaker ;)

Speaking of what a good guy he is, I've noticed that he intently listens to each girl. I respect that so much. I truly hope that this works out for him.

Time to answer fan questions from my Twitter:

Renaldo asks (@iamrenaldo) @AliFedotowsky How long do 1 on 1 dates last? (That are going well of course!)
Anywhere from five hours to 12+ hours. On my first date with Jake on The Bachelor, I left around noon and didn't get home until after 4 a.m.! We flew to Palm Springs on the date, but had to drive back—separately. Ha.

Sherry asks (@SherryAnn1234)5 @AliFedotowsky how long is the taping of the show from start to finish?
Around 10 weeks—including the time you have once the show is done taping to spend time with the person you choose.

Kayla Mueller asks (@MuellerKayla) @AliFedotowsky How do the girls know what to wear on dates, if they don't know where they are going?
The producers give you a vague idea of what to wear. I found it strange that Ashlee wore a dress and 5-inch wedges on their date to an amusement park. But I'm guessing the producers told her to dress casually/comfortably and that is what she chose to wear. Some girls are comfortable in wedges and a dress. I would have been in jeans and chucks.

Ok, so my top three this week: Desiree, Leslie M and Tierra (Sean is really into Tierra. Even though we are seeing a different side of her). What are your top three?

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @alifedotowsky. I'll be live tweeting each week during the show and picking some of your questions to answer during the show via Twitter and in this blog. Keep those questions coming!

Until next week my friends...

xo, Ali

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