First jOBS Clip: See Ashton Kutcher in Action as Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Plus, Josh Gad is a frowzily coiffed Steve Wozniak in this first official sneak peek at the biopic

By Natalie Finn Jan 25, 2013 4:11 AMTags

Steve Jobs' original vision is unfolding before our eyes.

The first official clip from jOBS has been released, featuring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple Inc. cofounder and utlimate technology gamechanger—and, judging by this one minute, the biographical drama looks to be right up there in the pantheon of fact-based cinematic storytelling.

Well, so long as Kutcher can hold his own as the inscrutable Jobs—and not just hold his own against history.

From the looks of it, Josh Gad is a bit of a scene stealer as the other Apple cofounder, engineer and programmer Steve Wozniak.

We must admit, the heart of the little computer geek within skipped a beat when the 1970s-era Woz, telling an increasingly excited Jobs about a little side project he's been working on at home, reveals what he's been calling his new invention.

"The operating system."


jOBS, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and also starring Dermot Mulroney, James Woods, Lukas Haas, Ron Eldard, Matthew Modine and Amanda Crew, opens in theaters April 19.

No release date or casting announcements have yet been made for the other Jobs biopic Aaron Sorkin is penning, based on Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography.