Penelope Cruz


It looks like Penélope Cruz has got herself on pins and needles!

The actress showed up to the Venuto Al Mondo premiere in Spain earlier this month with four very tiny friends that almost went unnoticed. After a close-up on this photo of the star on the red carpet, it turns out she was sporting some acupuncture pins in her left ear.

So what gives?

Well, even though it could be considered cute ear jewelry, that's not the case.

Apparently, the celeb is practicing a form of acupuncture called auriculotherapy, which is most commonly used to relieve chronic pain, detoxification from addictive drugs, relief of nausea and reduction of hypertension.

Along with those uses, auriculotherapy also helps with those who are trying to quit smoking, lose weight and get pregnant. 

Cruz never spoke out about why she's choosing this treatment, but don't let that stop you from placing your guesses.

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