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Season two of Smash has yet to premiere and already Bombshell is experiencing its own, well, bombshell!

Yes, the NBC hit series faux-Broadway show within the show will be down a major player come February, and we've got all the scoop in today's Spoiler Chat! Also being served are details on a former love interest's return to Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars, a shocking new coupling on Hart of Dixie and what's next for a fan favorite character on Downton Abbey.

Plus, we've got juicy romance scoop on The Mindy Project and New Girl.

buffy2405: #90210 Anything on Liam/Annie, will they get back together?
"I know people want to know about Liam and Annie and there's a possibility of that happening, so viewers stay tuned," Matt Lanter teases when asked about the future of the fan favorite couple. Take from that what you will.

Ashley R.: I'm loving how adorable zoe and wade are on hart of dixie but I hate seeing lemon so sad! when will she and lavon reunite!? please say soon!
Brace yourself for this piece of scoop. Not only will Lemon and Lavon not reunite any time soon, but in an upcoming episode, something seems to be sparking between Lemon and…Wade!  Bluebell is about to have some serious relationship drama.

Christina: I am a huge Downton Abbey fan and can't believe (SPOILER ALERT!!!) that they killed off Matthew! What's next for Lady Mary?!
A whole lot of soul searching, according to executive producer  Gareth Neame, who tells us Michelle Dockery's character will attempt "to rebuild her life" in season four.  "This is a lesson in something that seems like a really big loss in the moment [that] will actually turn into a great opportunity," he explains, "which it will also be for the show, to take a turn in a whole different direction."

CarynBrady: Anything & everything Smash!!!
By the end of the episode three, Bombshell will have lost someone very important to the production. Don't worry, nobody dies. And guess who's back to cause more trouble? Hint: doorway lurker. And you'll never believe who he's forming an alliance with...


Lauren D.: Will Julian Morris return as Wren on Pretty Little Liars soon? I miss the hot doctor!
Score one for people who like hot docs because Wren will be returning later in the season, but will his return factor into Hanna's storyline or the Spencer and Toby of it all? "Spencer and Toby, I'd say, because of his time with Mona at Radley," executive producer Oliver Goldstick says. "She had access to him and he had access to her. He'll be very interesting. He's complex." Executive producer Marlene King adds, "He may be there for Spencer in her hour of need."

Casey: Anything on Mindy Project's adorable Danny?
Danny is going to be a dad! Well, maybe. Sort of. A couple with fertility issues come to Danny to ask him if he'd be their sperm donor, and he immediately says yes. Mazel tov! Of course, once Danny has time to think about, he starts second-guessing his decision.  So will he go through with it? Well, we can't tell you that! We don't want to spoil everything.

Roger in Wisconsin: Please tell me this whole Cece arranged marriage thing will stop on New Girl. She belongs with Schmidt!
Sorry, buddy. But not only will Cece's arranged marriage situation only intensify, but it will reach critical mass during a party celebrating Nick and Schmidt's 10 years of living together. It will be a downer for Schmidt, and Nick won't have much to party over either when he sees Jess flirting it up hardcore with another guy. Geez. Can't these guys just come to their senses and live happily together forever?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and John Boone

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