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Revenge is back with a vengeance!

Though the ABC hit drama seemed to veer a bit off its revenge course in the beginning of season two, one of the show's stars promises us that our beloved characters will go back to doing "horrible" things to each other very soon. Phew! Also in today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on what Fitz will be up to on Scandal now that he's awake, upcoming showdowns on Revolution and what's in store for Mindy and Danny on The Mindy Project!

Plus, we've got scoop on some of our favorite new series, like The Carrie Diaries and Deception.

Michelle: I've been dying for more clues about your blind item! Can you at least tell me when the baby news will get out?
Regarding this pregnancy blind item, the father will not be told about it until after January. That's not to say that viewers won't be made aware of the bun in the oven, but the real issue will be telling the baby daddy.

TheJuanD:  Hey, what about Revenge?
It's going back to basics! "The show's resetting itself and they're going back to what the origins were, which is a more personal thing," Madeleine Stowe says. "You're not going to have this Initiative out here and this thing happening out here. They are going to concentrate on the central character." To this we say: Wheeee! As for Victoria, Stowe teases, "I'm once again being the targeted villain and doing horrible things to Emily, and Emily's going to be doing horrible things to me. It's on again, which is really, really good. It's really going to be us trying to destroy each other."

whorelips: anything about Parks & Rec!
Remember when Ben became the mayor of his hometown at age 18? And then he destroyed it by putting all the money into a project called Ice Town, thus bankrupting and destroying the city? Well, it seems that times heal all wounds, because in an upcoming episode, Ben will be invited back to his hometown to receive the key to the city! Looks like all is forgiven, right? Of course not. The town has ulterior motives. Just know that the term "Ice Clown" is thrown around.

Sarah: I love Mindy and Danny on The Mindy Project! Please tell me they're going to get together soon!
We wish we could, but even Mindy Kaling doesn't know how their relationship will play out. "It could be romantic, it could be brother-sister or it could be avuncular, I'm not wedded to any one thing, so I like hearing feedback." So go on, tweet Mindy your thoughts on Twitter!

Wynema_Vanzant: Is Drop Dead Diva coming back for a 5th season?
Sadly, Lifetime officially canceled the series. Let's toast to four seasons of awesomeness in the comments, shall we?



SavannahRidout: I wanna know about the president and Olivia Pope on Scandal and if their relationship will continue now he's awake.
Rest assured, Fitz will be up out of bed and back to work soon on Scandal, but he might have to put Olivia on the back burner, so to speak, for the time being. The POTUS will have his hands full with a very scary hostage situation that will lead to a Seal Team raid. How's that for a warm welcome back to work?

Josh: Viva La Revolution! What's coming up for my favorite character Neville when the show returns in March?
A whole lot of tension, according to Giancarlo Esposito! "[Neville] starts to become estranged from his son. His son has this soft spot for [Charlie] and also has questions about brutality. Monroe Republic now has power and now has big guns and the question of brutality is why would you take all those people out who only have crossbows?" Esposito also teases "major strain" coming up for Neville and Monroe. Yikes!

Deena in Jacksonville: Carrie Diaries was adorable. But now I need Carrie and Sebastian spoilers because I'm obsessed with them. Thanks!
We hope you have some patience stored up, because based on what Austin Butler told us about the Carrie and Sebastian dynamic, it's going to be a long game of will they/won't they ahead. "Because Sebastian came from this family that was sort of neglectful, I've sort of put up these walls and I don't let people get too close. But Carrie, because she's been through such tragic things, he realizes that she's so different from everybody else and understands things on a deeper level," Butler says. "So we end up sparking on an on again/off again relationship because he'll let her in and then she'll get too close or she'll start to get too deep into his life, and then he puts up the wall again." And unfortunately, Annasophia Robb spilled to us that Carrie will soon have another man in her life that is not Sebastian. Stay strong, shippers!

Helen: I am loving Deception! Any scoop on what's coming up?
If you are diggin' the love triangle drama developing on the show, you should know there will be plenty more juicy romantic tangles ahead for Joanna. "There is a love triangle. And what's crazy is that she actually loves both guys," Meagan Good tells us. "One of them is her teenage heartthrob, her first love, her first everything. There's this love growing between them that was always there and now it's on a different level. And now you have Will, this guy was her best friend and her partner and there for all her adult years. The relationship could've potentially been something, but he left. Now they're working together again. So, she cares about both guys." As for the murder mystery, don't you dare think you have it all figured out yet. "What you find about every episode is it starts to point in every direction," Good teases. "Nothing is what it seems."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Shawna Malcom

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