Russell Crowe, Adam Lambert

Universal Pictures, TLeopold/Globe Photos/

Russell Crowe obviously has no hard feelings when it comes to Adam Lambert's harsh words regarding the vocal performances in Les Misérables. In fact, the Oscar winner actually kind of sees where he's coming from.

"I don't disagree with Adam," Crowe tweeted. "Sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that's how it was."

On Dec. 30, Lambert tweeted that the music in the film "suffered massively [because of] great actors PRETENDING to be singers."

Lambert added that "the industry will say 'these actors were so brave to attempt singing this score live' but why not cast actors who could actually sound good?"

He did note, however, that Anne Hathaway's vocals were "breathtaking," as well as giving nods to the voices of Éponine (Samantha Barks) and Enjolras (Aaron Tveit).

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