Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Jeff R. Bottari/Getty Images

Snooki is one hot mama!

The Jersey Shore star has lost almost all of her baby weight nearly four short months after giving birth to her son Lorenzo.

So what are Nicole Polizzi's slim-down secrets post-pregnancy?

"I've been going to a trainer for a month now, four times a week," the 25-year-old recently told us. "I'm just trying to get back into shape."

As for diet, Snooks says, "I've always eaten healthy. That was never the issue. It was usually the drinking that got me heavy. So I don't really have that problem now."

"I'm not there yet," Polizzi admitted, despite flaunting a super slim figure. "I say 10 more pounds and then I'll be good."

And it doesn't sound like it will be too hard for her to lose that last little bit of weight. "I think easier [than I thought]," she said. "It's not hard if you're motivated and you put your mind to it. It's easy."

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