Elisha Cuthbert

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With the holiday season officially here, many of us our making the rounds at festive shindigs. And with multiple invitations rolling in for everything from office parties to New Year's Eve celebrations, it's easy for even the most party-hardy holiday reveler to feel a little burnt out before the year is over.

So, when we ran into party-hopping veteran Elisha Cuthbert at VH1's Diva event, we just had to ask her for some advice for surviving seasonal soirees. She does, after all, manage to look flawless when jumping from one red carpet event to the next. Here's what the Happy Endings star had to say about navigating a party-packed calendar: 

1. Pick the Perfect Partner in Crime: There's nothing worse than a plus one who sits in a corner with a sour face all night. "Bring a hot date," suggests Cuthbert. For her, that's fiancé Dion Phaneuf, who has become an expert at schmoozing. "He knows what he's doing," she explains. "He's been around long enough."

2. Add a Fab Finishing Touch: The halls aren't the only thing to get decked out during the holiday season. While most party-goers will take the time to get dressed up, Cuthbert advises standing out from the crowd through little details, like an eye-catching manicure. "Your outfit is always together, your hair and makeup are done," she says. "The manicure should be done just as well."

3. Catch Those Z's: There's nothing like puffy eyes to ruin a holiday look. But the stunning Cuthbert doesn't rely on fancy eye creams or spa treatments to look fresh faced on the red carpet. "[I get] lots of rest the night before," she reveals.

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