Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

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Another (mini) beef was squashed right from the get-go.

JWoww and Jionni cleared the air when it came to Jenni stating that Snooki's man was never around. He was around, she just didn't know it. One quick phone call to hash things out and the two were saying "I love you" and were back on good terms.

Since that's out of the way, it's time for a Jersey Shore fun fact: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was a stripper in college! Yup, those abs did work when he was a young'un, serving drinks, giving massages and lap dances. 

Regardless, Sitch still seemed to be more appreciative of receiving lap dances than giving them, which was evident when the crew went out to Karma and he was posted against a wall with some girl grinding her badonkadonk on his junk while he told her that he's DTF if she was.

The best part? Paula, looking extra spiffy, witnessed the whole thing and walked over and said she was done with him. Was she really? Of course not. After Mike's spiel about how the other girl was hitting on him and that he only cares about Paula (ha!), his ex-girlfriend not only accepted what he had to say, but apologized for losing it and gave him a kiss.

And then Mike went off and found another girl to take home (unfortunately, she was too "sloppy" with her boobies spilling out everywhere, so she had to go home).

Someone did get lucky, though. Pauly D snagged a girl  from the club who was down to smush, and everyone else in the house just layed back and enjoyed the bed-creaking music.

Meanwhile, we learn that Ronnie and Sammi are better than ever, and plan to move in together (eeek!), and Snooks and Deena are still on the hunt for a meatball, so what do they do? Hold auditions, of course.

While on the boardwalk, the duo put a handful of hopefuls through different challenges which include taking four shots of Southern Comfort without throwing up, taking a body shot off of an old man, and walking around in clown shoes, a beard and wizard hat. In the end, Dee didn't just find one meatball replacement, she found three!

They joined the group for their last night out, but slowly dwindled off, and Deena was so wastey-pants from earlier that she didn't last too long either. But everyone had a good time and no one got arrested, so it was a success.

During their last Sunday-night dinner (tear!), Mike decided he'd show off some of his stripper moves. In comes his alter ego, Vito Durado. The roomies try to turn the house into a strip club with a fog machine, fake money, lights, you name it, and everyone nominated Jenni to experience Vito shakin' his goods. The actual striptease wasn't very good, but the effort Mike put into it was admirable and pretty hilarious.

And then there was only one more episode left.

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