Jersey Shore


Tonight's episode of Jersey Shore was all about making amends. 

Once and for all, Vinny and Jionni squashed whatever awkwardness they had going on between them, and the duo, in a very mature conversation, were able to put the past behind them and move forward—which, in Vin's case, meant an OK to going to Snooki's wedding.

The next relationship that needed work, was Snooks and The Situation

Luckily, Sitch was willing to make the first move by apologizing to Snooki. It didn't seem like the little meatball was going to be very forgiving at first, but after Mike's desperate plea, Snooks accepted his apology and two high-fived. Hey, it's a start.

The other lady in Mike's life, Paula, attempted to make a comeback through a love note to her ex-boyfriend when he stopped by to tan. Her note basically asked Sitch to not give up on her (aw), and he thought it was sweet. Plus, she looked hot that day, and that helped.

While everyone (except Jenni who had a tummy ache) got dressed up to go to Aztec, Snooks and Vinny decided to just ride their scooters on the boardwalk like "old people."

"I think Vinny's gonna be the best old man ever, just because he's, like, starting now," Snooks said.

The duo made a little appearance at Aztec (with quite the entrance), but didn't stay long. After leaving, a random guy yelled at Snooki calling her a "fat f--k," which brought the badass out in Vinny, who backed up on his scooter—yes, it even did the little beeping sound—and said, "You're gonna call a pregnant girl fat?"

We love him.

Meanwhile, Situation was having issues with Paula, who asked him to hold her drink. Barely leaving rehab, Mike was annoyed that she asked him to do that, so he started talking up some other girls. Of course, Paula saw that and left. Drama.

Some of the roommates went with Snooki to her sonogram appointment, and got to see little Lorenzo, who greeted everyone by flipping the bird. Seriously. It was too perfect. But the happy get-together was somewhat spoiled with the tension between JWoww and Jionni, after Snooks' BFF told him he needs to come around more.

Well, the guys invited him out for a man date, so that's a start, right? Um, kinda.

They just wanted to grill Jionni a little bit since he's going to be part of the family once he marries Snooki, but that led to old stuff coming up. That's never good. Except in this case.

Everyone kept it cool and it ended on good terms, with Jionni inviting the guys to the bachelor party.

See! Everyone can be friends.

Jersey Shore hits Hollywood!

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