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Chalk this up to the first major blowout of the season.

Remember last week when Brandi Glanville said if she didn't "nip things in the bud" with Adrienne Maloof things were going to get ugly? Well they did. And the worst part is...we don't even know what it's about!

Let's recap "She's Gone Too Far" right now:

Side of Gossip: Lisa Vanderpump invites all the girls—sans Adrienne who is "busy"—to a tasting at Sur. Despite having some trouble with her employees (cue Vanderpump Rules) Lisa throws a nice event until Brandi spews some fighting words about Adrienne. Brandi says she has zero tolerance for Adrienne because she lies. Examples: Brandi says her book agent told her Adrienne did not have a book deal, Adrienne wanted to meet to talk smack about Lisa, and then there was an hour long call asking Brandi to publically tweet things in support of her. Then Brandi drops the bombshell, only it's bleeped out on TV! All the girls are shocked and say it's something "so private" ad personal about Adrienne's family they are stunned Brandi went that far.

Foreshadowing: There seems to be a looming sister on sister blowout. At the same tasting Lisa asks Kim Richards if she ever feels like she's going to relapse (there is alcohol constantly flowing around these girls after all). Kim responds by saying sometimes it's hard because there are people that make her feel sad and get her down. Kim goes on to say while some of those people are in her past, there are some that are still part of her life. The pan to sister Kyle Richards' face is classic.

Hip Hip Hooray: Ken Todd is having a hip surgery from a polo accident ten years ago. Lisa is anxious, and the genuine concern she's showing—instead of jokes—might be a first. Luckily, everything goes just fine! How nice was it to see Lisa so concerned?

What Divorce: Before Adrienne and husband Paul Nassif hear what Brandi is saying, they look like they are getting along better than ever. They throw a family BBQ and look like an unstoppable team. 

Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Mauricio Umansky opened his own real estate agency, which means a party is in order. It's a big deal for him to showcase his properties, so naturally there has to be a Housewivesblowout. Kim tells Adrienne the "bombshell" Brandi revealed at Sur. Paul gets heated and says he will not take the "defamatory" comments lightly about his family. Adrienne calls Brandi's bombshell character assassination. Paul and Adrienne say they are going to leave, but on the way out Paul tells Kyle why. "We just heard comments that bitch made so we're going to get out of here," he says within earshot of Brandi. Brandi calls him out, then he gets in her face, as does Adrienne. There are lot of "you're a bitch" and "you're a liar" comments being thrown around until Paul and Adrienne leave the party. Meanwhile Kyle is upset that Kim chose this time to tell Adrienne what was said at Mauricio's event when they all knew how important it was. See what we mean by a sister vs. sister blowout coming soon?

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