Taylor Armstrong, RHOBH


Maybe the world is coming to an end—the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got through a dinner without fighting. Thank you, alcohol!

While tonight's episode opens with the fallout from Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville's tiff, the girls actually move past it and enjoy each other up in Ojai. 

But just like the hangover that most of the ladies felt at the end of the weekend, more drama was inevitable.

The Dinner From Hell, Pt. 2: Kim Richards and Brandi leave the table, causing all of the other ladies to gossip about what just went down. Lisa Vanderpump comes to Brandi's defense, much to Kyle Richard's dismay (she really won't let this one go). Brandi doesn't think she owes Adrienne an apology for telling her to shut up, but she does apologize for dropping the F-bomb. Needless to say the rest of dinner is Awkward City, and Brandi is the mayor. Somehow the tension shifts to Taylor Armstrong and Brandi after Brandi announces she got a book deal (remember Brandi called out Taylor for putting a book out a "hot minute" after her husband died). Then Adrienne announces she got a book deal too and ends up cheers-ing herself congratulations because none of the other ladies raise a glass. Anyone else get secondhand awkwardness there?

The Morning After: Lisa and Brandi have a post-mortem about the night before, and Lisa actually gets through to Brandi about how she could have handled the situation better. Love this mother-daughter type of relationship! All it takes is a little golf-cart race between Lisa and Yolanda Hadid to get rid of the tension in the group. The ladies play games, go to the spa, and, dare we say, enjoy their time together. 

Kiss and Makeup: All it took was a few bottles of wine and Taylor and Brandi are BFFs. After sober Kim and Yolanda went to bed, the rest of the ladies drank more and bonded over some arm-wrestling and gymnastics. Although Yolanda didn't partake in said festivities, she didn't have a problem judging the other girls, saying there is "nothing worse" than drunk women. Lighten up!

Déjà Vu: On the limo ride back to Los Angeles, Kyle brings up Brandi's F-bomb from night one. Adrienne and Brandi rehash their unpleasant exchange at dinner, with each defending her own actions. These two clearly aren't going to see eye to eye on this one. Just let it go, Kyle! Actually, what are we saying? It's boring when the Housewives get along. Brandi is open to sitting down with Adrienne, but judging by next week's previews, that doesn't look likely.

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