Wreck-It Ralph, Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games, Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables

Summit; Lionsgate; Universal

This was a year of blockbusters. Really good ones, and really big ones. This list of our 10 top movies of the year could easily have been filled with only flicks that grossed more than $200 million. And to be sure, a few made the list (hi, Hulk).

There were great little movies, too, and ground-breaking animation and some big laughs. So we're all buzzing about Wes Anderson, Hobbits, Jennifer Lawrence, wild beasts (in 3-D and otherwise) and Channing Tatum (his dance moves, his comic timing and his action chops).

Even beyond our 10 faves, there were plenty that were just so darn fun (Pitch Perfect), spooky (Sinister), moving (Brave) and teen angsty (Perks of Being a Wallflower). Heck, 2012 was so awesome that The Dark Knight Rises didn't make the cut.

There can only be 10, so here are the movies that shot an arrow to our heart, made spies cool again and had us wishing we had a Bengal tiger BFF.

(Note: This list may not include some of the year's late-screening flicks, such as Zero Dark Thirty or Django Unchained, and we say too bad for them.)

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