Robert Downey Jr., Wang Xuequi


The cast of Marvel's highly anticipated Iron Man 3 just got a little bit bigger.

Wang Xuequi has officially joined the cast for the highly anticipated action flick, where he will be playing an original character named Dr. Wu, Deadline reports.

Before news broke of Xuequi's casting, famed Hong Kong actor Andy Lau was rumored to be joining the cast to play Chen Lu, aka Radioactive Man. It was then suspected Xuequi would take Lau's place in the project, before it was revealed that Xuequi will play a whole new character in the famous franchise. 

Deadline also reports that Wang's role "is not a huge part."

Wang is already a distinguished actor in China. He recently starred in Chen Kaige's Caught in the Web, which is currently China's official Oscar submission in the foreign language category.

Xuequi's casting follows Marvel's decision to partner with DMG Entertainment, a Chinese distribution company.

A new Japanese trailer for the flick also hit the Web last week, which reveals loads of action-packed scenes and Tony Stark surprises. 

The Shane Black directed film resumes production today and will begin filming in Beijing. 

Starring Robert Downey Jr.., Guy PearceGwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle,  Iron Man 3 hits theaters in the U.S. and China on May 3.

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