Liz & Dick Presents: A GIF Guide to the 8 Stages of Grief, Starring Lindsay Lohan as Every Stage of Grief

Lifetime premiered the much-discussed Elizabeth Taylor biopic starring the Mean Girls actress

By John Boone Nov 26, 2012 8:05 PMTags
Lindsay Lohan, Liz & DickJack Zeman/Lifetime

Lindsay Lohan showcased a Rolodex of emotions in last night's highly anticipated premiere of Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor biopic, Liz & Dick. She sighed in sadness! She sighed in exasperation! She threw stuff, so...we guess that's anger?

And we're sure you're experiencing some emotions of your own: That it's over. That it ever happened in the first place. That, forget rolling, Liz herself is probably doing an entire gymnastics routine in her grave. So we've compiled an easy GIF guide to navigate your inner turmoil.

We'll all get through this together, OK?

1. Shock and Disbelief

2. Denial

3. Bargaining

4. Guilt

5. Anger

6. Depression

7. Acceptance

8. Boredom

So maybe we just thought the whole thing was a little snoozeworthy? Well, aside from the onscreen headline "CLEO-FAT-RA," that is. Lifetime could have at least had Lindsay do a little of Elizabeth's howling. Now that we'd love to see...and GIF.