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Adam Taylor/Lifetime

If you are reading this, it means your television has just finished showing you the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And you must have a lot of emotions.

It wasn't all bad, was it? There were definitely some shining moments during the 123 minutes of Lohan-ness, but unfortunately, those came with moments that may have given you pause. We present the best and worst moments from Liz & Dick:

The Best Moments:

Faux Drunk Grant Bowler: Richard Burton did love his booze, and seeing Grant Bowler slur and stumble through half most of the movie was actually a very entertaining part of Liz & Dick. It led to a fiery viewing party debate on whether Bowler was actually drinking during shooting to get through production.

Lindsay Lohan's Genuine Smile: Did you see it? It didn't come often, and it was mostly while she was sitting in the director's chair reminiscing with young Richard Burton about their lives together. But that eye-sparkle that first made us fall in love with the Lohan came about more than once during Liz & Dick, and we shall cherish those smiles forever.

The Costumes: If we were watching Liz & Dick with Lohan, our conversation afterwards would very much be like this opening scene of Friends, with Lindsay as Joey and us as Monica. We can safely rave about the clothing in Liz and Dick, from the movie costumes to the luxurious dresses that Elizabeth Taylor favored. It was fun to experience that time period through the eyes of the wealthy couple. And the lighting was good, too.

The Worst Moments:

Lindsay Attempting Real Emotion: You could tell she wanted to capture the tumultuous and often times painful aspects of Liz and Dick's marriages (the tears, the fighting, the passionate embraces), but she just couldn't quite get there. And when you fall flat during those emotional scenes, you fall hard and right on your face. And everybody winces and averts their eyes uncomfortably.

Lindsay's Wavering Accent: Elizabeth Taylor was born in London, so she's supposed to have an accent, albeit a slight one. Lohan did her best to stay in that accent, but she often slipped into her normal, American-accented husky speaking voice. Let's just say this, if you were playing a drinking game and you took a shot every time Lindsay slipped back into her American accent, you're probably in the hospital right now.

Knowing Lindsay Could Never Be Liz: The great Elizabeth Taylor was intoxicating and seductive, and you couldn't take her eyes off of her when she was onscreen. You certainly can't take your eyes off of Lohan in Liz & Dick, but not for the same reasons. As accurate as the costumes are and as hard as Bowler tries to be Richard Burton, Lohan will never be Taylor. And that is the bottom line.

Your turn! For those who braved through the Lifetime movie, what did you think?

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