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We witnessed a bit of a switch up last week on The Walking Dead, with Glenn and Maggie getting dragged to Woodbury and Michonne arriving—in high post-apocalyptic style—at the prison. Will new alliances form—that is, if the kids can manage to survive Woodbury's brutal hospitality? Let's find out.


Merle Is Still Blamey Over That Whole Handcuffing Incident: Bygones? With Merle? No way! Daryl's vengeful brother is hell-bent on finding out where he is, torturing Glenn (Steven Yeun) until his face looks like Georgia barbecue. Then Merle (Michael Rooker) unleashes a hungry zombie on Glenn, who, despite being tied in a chair, dispatches the undead in an impressive display of improvisation. Maggie, meanwhile, is forced to strip in front of the Gov, who toys with the idea of raping her before deciding to smack her around instead. After watching Gov put a gun to her boyfriend's head, Maggie gives up the location.

Michonne Can Speak in Full Sentences: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) lets Michonne (Danai Gurira) twist in the wind a little long if you ask us—and you kinda did—before dragging the injured loner into his prison camp. But drag her he does, demanding information in a way you absolutely do not use if you want anything from Michonne. Still, she spills on the Gov, his "Jim Jones" style of governing, and the fact that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn are now at Woodbury.

The Baby's Name Is Judith: After Carl's fave teacher. So, there's that.

Milton Is a Zombie Virgin: He's never seen a dead person turn before, but that changes with this episode. In a pre-planned experiment, a cancer victim dies while Milton (Dallas Roberts) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) watch. Milton hopes to prove that zombies retain some memories of their former selves, but it's hopeless.

It's a March on Woodbury, Y'all: A group including Daryl, Rick, Michonne and the two felons head out to rescue the two missing kids, flash-bangs in tow. Walkers chase the group into an abandoned house before they can get too far, and they discover a human survivor in the process. He's loud and rowdy, so Michonne offs him and the group chucks him to the zombies so they can escape. Then, for real this time, it's a march on Woodbury, y'all!

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