The Walking Dead Wants a Taste of a Modern Family Star

Exclusive! The creator of the hit AMC series fills us in on who he'd like to snag for a guest role

By Marc Malkin Nov 19, 2012 9:53 PMTags
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Just call it Modern Zombies. Or how about Married With Zombies.

The creator of The Walking Dead says he'd love to see Ed O'Neill pop up on the show.

"I'm a huge fan," Robert Kirkman recently told me. "I would just love to meet him. If I had to put him on The Walking Dead to do that, I totally would."

While Kirkman thinks O'Neill could play someone like The Governor, he hasn't approached him about a guest spot just yet. "I think he's more than busy on Modern Family right now," Kirkman said. "I wouldn't want to steal him away. He's too important to Modern Family."

O'Neill aside, Kirkman predicts TWD will stay away from stunt casting.

"I kind of don't Want to do any of that," he said. "You know, having someone like Johnny Depp on for a season would be kind of strange. It would be hard for the audience not to go, 'Oh, that's Johnny Depp.'"

Now it's your turn. Who do you think would be good on The Walking Dead and who should they play? Leave your suggestions below.

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