Claire Danes, Homeland


We finally learn what Abu Nazir plans to attack—and boy, is it ominously poetic!

Considering 300 plus lives are at risk that's no reason to celebrate. So will Carrie (Claire Danes) be able to stop it? Or is Brody (Damian Lewis) playing her yet again?

Let's recap "Two Hats" right now:

Missing in Action: Everyone is worried Brody is dead, either operationally or physically before he resurfaces. Finally he calls Carrie and comes in. During the debriefing Brody reveals Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) tortured him again and we get flashbacks of Brody and Nazir's conversation. Anyone else think for the first time it really does seem like Brody hates Nazir? Brody explains his outburst with Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson) happened because he underestimated the love he has for his family and Nazir seems to buy it. Nazir explains his family has nothing to fear as long as Brody "stays true to himself" which is a pretty clear theat. Brody has his family moved to a CIA safe house with Mike (Diego Klattenhoff). During their hideout Mike and Jessica (Morena Baccarin) sleep together.

The Plan: Brody reveals what Abu Nazir plans to attack. Brody and Vice President Walden are scheduled to greet special operations group returning from Afghanistan. Over 300 soldiers will be reunited with their families and Nazir plans to bomb their homecoming. Nazir needs Brody to convince Walden to allow one reporter at the event: Roya Hammad. So is Brody telling the truth with this latest intel? Carrie says yes and thinks they have to play this alleged threat out.

A Few Down, One to Go: Everything seems to run relatively smoothly to thwart Nazir's attack. They move in on Roya and her news truck, which was being filled with explosives. Only problem? Nazir is not with the group Carrie and her team take down. The event at the military base is still going on as scheduled and there is a very wanted terrorist on the loose.

Who is Peter Quinn?: Saul and Carrie had Peter (Rupert Friend) checked out and some flags are raised at his apartment. You can tell Peter is ready to leave at a moment's notice and he only has one personal item: a picture of a Philadelphia police officer (she turns out to be his baby mama). Saul pays her a visit, but she doesn't talk. They discover Peter's not an analyst—so what's he doing on this operation? "He's here to kill terrorists Saul," Estes responds after sending Peter into the field with "two hats." Peter goes to pick up Brody where his orders are to kill our favorite congressman. But he gets a call from Estes to stand down at the last minute. Since they don't have Nazir, they need to keep Brody alive.

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