Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Homeland


Nothing like a Claire Danes and Damian Lewis make-out session to heat up things on the east coast!

Tonight's episode of Homeland had the much anticipated kiss between Carrie and Brody, plus we also learned why Dana (Morgan Saylor) and Finn's (Timothée Chalamet) hit-and-run storyline matters.

Time to recap "The Clearing" right now:

Double Agent Woes: Brody is getting fed up. Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson) is leaving him in the dark as to what Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) is planning. The only thing she says is that Brody will need to be more involved and that things are going to move "very quickly." Roya also tells Brody he better keep Vice President Walden happy during their weekend fundraiser, but this proves to be easier said than done. 

Confessions: On the way up to the fundraiser Jessica comes clean about Uncle Mike's accusations against Brody during his last visit. Brody confesses to Jessica (Morena Baccarin) that he killed Tom Walker, but he puts his own spin on it saying it was CIA related. In another car, Dana gets Finn to agree to tell their parents about the hit-and-run. When they come clean Brody and Jessica want the kids to confess while the Walden's plan to "take care of it" so it won't interfere with the campaign.

Blast From the Past: Remember Aileen? The blond terrorist whom Sal caught and drove back from Mexico to Washington, D.C.? Sal goes to pay her a visit to see if she can identify Mystery Man who shot and killed Peter's team in Gettysburg. In exchange for giving up his identity, Aileen gets a cell with a view. She ends up playing Saul and gives him the name of a famous musician who is not involved with Nazir. Aileen commits suicide and Saul is upset with himself for getting emotional. 

The Kiss: After Carrie convinces Mike to back off Brody, she takes a trip out to the fundraiser venue. An upset Brody goes to meet her in "the clearing" where they finally kiss for the first time this season.

"Is this for real? Are you just handling me, keeping me close?" Brody asks her.

"I don't know," Carrie responds, "and I don't want you to feel used."

Then more kissing ensues. Love this! Interesting how the trust issues between them are reversed since "The Weekend" episode in season one.

Honesty's Not the Policy: The Brodys and Waldens are clashing on how to handle the fact Dana and Finn killed a woman. Brody tries to take Dana to the police station to confess—despite being told by Vice President Walden to stand down—where he finds Carrie standing outside. If Brody follows through, he blows his relationship with Walden which is the only reason Nazir still has Brody on call. If Brody can't help stop the attack Nazir is planning on America, there goes his immunity deal with the CIA and his family will find out the truth. Brody begrudgingly takes Carrie's advice and tells Dana she can't confess.

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