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To those who had their doubts: Britney Spears is the only judge still fielding a full team on The X Factor.

Her four teen artists took to the stage along with the rest of the top 10 Wednesday for a Thanksgiving-themed show that had the finalists dedicating their songs to the people they're thankful for.

We bet we can guess who Britney's thankful for...

Diamond White kicked off the evening with the capability of a diva three times her age. The 13-year-old's rendition of Céline Dion's "Because You Loved Me" left both her mom, to whom the song was dedicated, and Demi Lovato in tears.

"This song already means a lot to me...You blew me away," Demi said.

"Unless I'm dead wrong, we're going to be hearing your name for many, many years," L.A. Reid said, similarly blown away by Diamond for the second week in a row. "You are the truth."

Also bringing the house down with emotion, if not necessarily a perfect vocal, was CeCe Frey, who dedicated Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" to her late little sister, Kelsey, who died of cerebral palsy at age 7.

As Simon Cowell noted, he didn't know how CeCe managed to sing anything after watching the short film about her family, let alone make it all the way till the final few notes, which she was too choked up to finish.

America seems to like CeCe in power-ballad form, having voted her into fifth place last week after almost booting her the week prior—so, we're thinking the no-longer-spotted singer is safe.

Either Diamond or CeCe could end up replacing country artist Tate Stevens, who warbled Lonestar's "I'm Already There," as the week's frontrunner on sheer force of feeling alone.

Simon predicted that Vino Alan could find himself in the top spot, as well, after a performance of the alway- stirring Lee Greenwood hit "God Bless the USA" that finally had Demi admitting that she's been wrong all along about the heavily tattooed soul singer.

"There's something special in you, and I see it tonight," she said. Britney, too, said it was his first "spot-on" performance of the competition.

Also deserving of very high rankings this week are Carly Rose Sonenclar and Beatrice Miller, Britney's other wee phenoms. Beatrice dedicated a raspy, emotion-packed version of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" to her little sisters

The apparently very easily bored Demi opined that Beatrice is singing similar songs week after week and she wants to see something more "upbeat" from the teen (even though this was meant to be an emotional night), but everyone else disagreed.

There were no such qualms about Carly Rose, who utterly crushed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Truly, truly—as Britney would say—amazing. (She also had Simon predicting that the 13-year-old might have a better shot at the top spot than Vino after all.)

Fifth Harmony turned in a lovely version of The Pretenders tearjerker "I'll Stand by You" and they don't deserve to go home, but groups tend to get short shrift on this show, and Simon's team is already down to two.

L.A. Reid thought Simon's other remaining horse in the race, Emblem3, lacked emotion on OneRepublic's "Secrets," but he was met by unanimous disagreement.

Alas, emotion got the better of Paige Thomas, who practically sobbed through the Britney Spears ballad "Everytime."

"I didn't think it was good enough to get you out of the 10 spot," lamented L.A., referring to Paige's surprising appearance on the chopping block last week.

Two contestants are going home tomorrow night. On Thanksgiving. Where is the love?! (P.S. It was in all 10 contestants' songs tonight. Well done, artists!)

Who do you think is going to be in trouble tomorrow? Sound off in the comments!

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