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Tonight's Grey's Anatomy was a special one because it was directed by star Chandra Wilson! So what twists did she have in store?

Cristina (Sandra Oh) returns to Seattle Grace, but isn't exactly welcomed with open arms. Plus the settlement from the plane crash takes a very interesting twist.

It's time to recap "Second Opinion" right now:

To Feel or Not to Feel: April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) are still going strong, but it's same old, same old. April is still feeling guilty about cheating on Jesus and it's getting repetitive…for us and Jackson too. He seems to be getting fed up with her roller-coaster emotions (or maybe he's upset because of all the email sexting his mom and Richard are doing). Finally at the end of the episode they both acknowledge it's not just sex and there are feelings involved. Hopefully now they will progress with this relationship!

Triumphant Return: Cristina's back, and she's back with more nicknames for the interns. The ironic thing is they actually love her, and she is actually a good teacher. But her return wasn't exactly as smooth as she hoped. Cristina waltzed in like she owned the place (and the patients), and Owen (Kevin McKidd) warned her it was going to rub a lot of the staff the wrong way. Don't hate on Owen, though, because it turns out he was the one who fought hard to get Cristina rehired and it was worth it. As for Cristina's living situation, Alex (Justin Chambers) bought Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) old house and agrees to let Cristina rent there as long as he gets the master bedroom.

A More Triumphant Return: Bailey calls Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) for a "consult" on her patient. Yes, we put consult in quotes because Bailey knows what's wrong with the patient, she just wants Arizona back at work. Bailey fakes that the patient's chart is at Arizona's door so she is forced to get up and use her prosthetic leg. Bailey's experiment works because when it's not there, Arizona shows up at the hospital to look at the chart herself. Finally we see her personality slowly come back while she helps Bailey.

Who's to Blame? Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) are preparing to go to court and they are at odds at first. Callie tells Derek they all wanted to take the settlement but didn't since Derek wasn't on board. Eventually, they come together and at the end of the episode, the lawyers meet with all the surviving victims. It's revealed that their lawyers plan to go after Seattle Grace and "the people" that put them on the plane…people like Owen Hunt. So what will Cristina do? That remains to be seen.

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