Tonight's episode was all about Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina (Sandra Oh). Even half a country apart, these two are still each other's people.

A lot of the episode featured a split screen between Meredith in Seattle and Cristina in Minnesota, while each leaned on each other to get through some emotional times.

Let's recap "Beautiful Doom" right now:

Two Peas in an OR: Cristina and Dr. Thomas' friendship keeps growing. He even brought her breakfast. Aw! Meanwhile, sex friend Dr. Parker (Steven Culp) is still trying to court Cristina (and we don't just mean in bed). Cristina opts to work on an aneurism with Thomas (William Daniels) rather than Parker's case and Parker seems to take it personally, so he puts Thomas on probation.

Old Wounds: Meredith is driving and sees an accident, so she pulls over. There is a woman trapped under a car named Melissa (who looks eerily like Meredith) and she is able to pull the woman out. Once in the OR, Meredith seems to have a problem separating this case from the plane crash. Melissa has the same injuries Lexie (Chyler Leigh) had, and Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) is afraid emotions are clouding with Meredith's judgment.

Mommie Dearest: Meredith is having a lot of guilt about being a working mom. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is out of town, so Meredith has to bring Zola to the hospital. Meredith's focus seems to be on helping her patient, but you can tell she still is dealing with guilt about leaving her daughter. In the end, Meredith is able to save patient Melissa.

Doctor Down: Parker keeps telling Cristina that Thomas is holding her back, but she adamantly fights for her mentor. Thomas ignores orders that he's on probation and decides to perform a second surgery on his and Cristina's patient anyway. If he's going down, he wants to go down fighting. Unfortunately during surgery, Thomas goes down…literally. In the middle of operating, he collapses with the patient on the table. Cristina has to focus on saving the patient while someone else tends to Dr. Thomas, who ends up dying. Why does Shonda Rhimes do this to us?! Maybe because this is what sends Cristina back to Seattle. The episode ends with Cristina at Meredith's door.

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