Last week on Revenge, we were treated to the charming second wedding of Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), which culminated in a police raid and the arrest of Conrad. Talk about memories. Conrad was accused of murder, but we all know that he's been set up by our very sweet Emily (Emily VanCamp). Meanwhile, Mason (Roger Bart) is hot on her trail.


Victoria and Conrad Go Down Swinging: After the spectacle their wedding turned into, Conrad and Victoria aren't giving up their place on top of society and industry without a fight. Conrad's been informed that there's an attaché on the way, one ready to give him his marching orders, but Victoria, who, opened the episode in bed, hugging a revolver, isn't about to go quietly.

Daniel Wants to Overthrow Daddy: Daniel (Josh Bowman), of course, is no dummy, and he sees an opportune moment to overtake his father's control of the company. There's also Aiden's urging, and he's managing to make the takeover as convenient as possible for him. Nothing like a good old child-overtakes-parent storyline.

Amanda, Finally Happy, Decides to Talk With Mason: Oh, Amanda (Margarita Levieva), you can't be trusted, can you? After finally getting everything she's ever wanted in a relationship and family, the arrival of Mason the weasel proves to be a threat to all of that. So how does she respond? By doing anything she can, including betraying Emily, and meeting with Mason, all to keep Jack (Nick Wechsler) away from her secretive past. Or, does she have something else in mind?

Really, Amanda Just Wants To Kill Mason: Turns out, Amanda wasn't planning on turning on Emily, really, but was instead planning to murder Mason, who she says knows too much. And just when she's about to take the blunt end of some barbaric tool to his head, Emily shows up and stops her. The mystery for Mason is solved, and his life is saved, but a whole new bag of worms has been unearthed for him.

Then, Investigators Arrive at Mason's House: And they have questions. Questions about the conspiracy to frame Conrad Grayson, and they have questions about the murder of Gordon Murphy. And, now look who is being framed. Things suddenly aren't looking good for Mason.

Kara Confronts the Graysons: Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) returns to the Grayson's home after learning that they were behind much of the malarkey penned by Mason—something he admitted to her. And she's pissed, finally managing to corner them in their bedroom with a gun. Conrad tries to get out of it with talk. Victoria tries to pull the pistol out of her bag, but Kara's already gotten to it. She forces them into their dressing room. She doesn't buy their attempt at trying to convince her that Gordon Murphy was behind her husband's murder. And she's about to pull the trigger.

Aiden to the Rescue: Phew—just when things almost went to fair, Aiden (Barry Sloane) shows up, and drags Kara away. She wakes up in a car next to Emily, who gives her next goal: Get as far away from there as she possibly can.

Mason Goes to Jail: Emily wants to make a deal with Mason. Essentially, she wants him to go to prison for committing crimes he didn't do, and she wants him to do so willingly. She tells him that if he doesn't, she's going to release a staggering amount of evidence against his case. The only thing that could exonerate him is entirely owned by her: her confession. As a kind of consolation prize, she promises to free him when the time is right. Until then? He can write her story. Um, all righty. Some deal—but he goes for it, seeing no other viable option. Wonder if Mason will wear bow ties in prison?


"Not if I write the truth."—Mason

"Are you contemplating going out to sea and never coming back?"—Victoria

"Why go through the trouble of killing myself when I've got so many others trying to do it for me?"—Conrad

"We need to shut Mason up for good…as of last night you're no longer calling the shots."—Amanda

"Are you going to be standing by that man or was that vow as fake as the rest?"—Daniel

"Hey, Nolan, this one time at revenge camp..."—Nolan

"Just tell her that I wish I could have been a better mother."—Kara

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