Revenge Recap: A Wedding, an Engagement and a Death

Find out what went down on the ABC hit this week

By Jason Zabel Nov 05, 2012 4:32 AMTags
Emily VanCamp, Barry Sloane RevengeABC/ERIC MCCANDLESS

Last week, we watched Kara Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh) arrive at the Grayson home, where she was invited to stick around for a few days. We also watched Amanda (Margarita Levieva) wake up from her coma and finally learn that Jack (Nick Wechsler) was indeed the father of her child. Phew. What's up next? The Grayson parents decide to have a second wedding, of course!


Emily Wants Aiden's Gun: Emily (Emily VanCamp), obviously up to something, perhaps even, um revenge, needs the gun Aiden (Barry Sloane) killed Gordon Murphy (James Morrison) with. What does Aiden need in return, in addition to, of course the employ of a cheeky retort to her request? A date to the upcoming Grayson re-wedding! There's no better place to bring Emily. The Graysons will surely just love to see her there! She will blend right in, and definitely not shake things up. Yeah right!

Mason and Amanda Chat About Scars: Oh golly, that Mason (Roger Bart) is dirtier than dirt, of course—but he can also be easily mislead, or purposefully lead, rather, right into an artificial crime scene. While he chats with Amanda, digging for details and badgering her on the authenticity of an alleged scar removal, Amanda lets slip the address of the dead Gordon Murphy. Where Emily, conveniently, has planted a cuff link and other evidence. Oh, and Gordon Murphy's body. This leads the cops to believe the dude's death is the handy work of one Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny)—who just so happens to be in the midst of celebrating his second wedding to his former wife. Game, set, drama.

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Conrad Gives Victoria a Flashy Gun, to Keep Her Safe and Stylin': So, Conrad and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) are about to tie the knot for a second time—because, really, what's more exciting than that?—when Victoria hears news that Conrad is about to be arrested for murder. Some unplanned reception entertainment is on the way! This news comes after Conrad takes his once again bride-to-be in private and gives her a beauty of a handgun, to protect herself, in sickness and in health. Poor Conrad doesn't know what's coming.

Daniel Still in Love With Emily?: Probably. Just as Conrad was about to be arrested, Emily and Daniel (Josh Bowman) get deep into a chat about what ifs. What if this was their wedding? What if they were still together and therefore still a smokin' hot couple? What if they were allowed to finish this conversation and get at the meat of a very dishy subject? What if...uh, never mind, the groom just got arrested.

Sorry, Charlotte Doesn't Want to Attend Your Wedding, Mom and Dad: We all know Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) has some mommy and daddy issues, so she's going to keep close the one person who makes her happy in life: Declan (Connor Paolo). Instead of going to her parents' sham of a second wedding, she opts for the bar's re-opening.

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Meanwhile, Jack Proposes to Amanda: And here we go. These two are gonna go ahead and get married. How sweet is it that he pops that question to her on a boat that shares her moniker? Answer: It's totally cute.


"If we choose to, we can live in a world of discomforting illusions."—Emily

"A second chance at love, doesn't happen all that often, but a third and fourth, you must cast quite a spell."—Kara

"Taking a long-term plan off ice."—Emily

"As far as the Graysons go, they'll get what's coming to them."—Kara

"If your life was destroyed by the money that paid for this, you might think differently."—Emily

"If ever I can't protect you, I want to be sure you can protect yourself."—Conrad