The Walking Dead


It's bound to happen sooner than later on The Walking Dead—the day when Sheriff Rick and his band of zombie survivors come upon The Governor and Woodbury.

And after seeing what Mr. Crazy The Governor (David Morrissey) was up to in last night's episode, we can only imagine how ugly things will be between him and Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

"You should be nervous," Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the hit AMC series, tells me. "It's scary. The Governor is so creepy, but even when he does bad s--t, he has this kind of charm when he's doing it.

"The Governor is bad news," she continued. "He's very bad news for us all."

As Walking fans know, Maggie had the unfortunate task a couple of episodes ago of performing a fatal C-section on Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) in order to save her unborn child.

It was probably one of the most disturbing scenes to film—and watch, Cohan says.

"Sarah's been with the show since the beginning," Cohan explained. "She's really like the mother. She's the maternal figure in and out of the show…That took a while to film.

"I don't always watch the episodes, but I did watch that episode and, I didn't even it realize it, but I looked down and I was just covered in tears," she said. "Even when I read the episode I burst into tears and was like, 'I can't do it. I won't be able to do it.'"

And could Maggie be the next expectant mom on the show? Considering how she and Glenn (Steven Yeun) haven't let the zombie apocalypse get in the way of their sex life, we so wouldn't be surprised.

"Someone said to me, 'How many prophylactics have you got left?'" Cohan said, laughing. "What I'd like to think is Maggie, even though she was against Lori having an abortion, found some birth control pills at some point. It's just way too risky. Of all the times you don't want to be knocked up, this is pretty high on the list."

Besides, it's not like the relationship won't have its own set of problems, especially when they finally have contact with The Governor.

"It's gonna get tricky for Maggie and Glenn," Cohan said. "It's going to get pretty scary. What happens with the baby? How are we going to keep this baby alive? And the relationship can kind of be used against them as well. We realize that the zombies are actually the least of our worries."

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