First Look: The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Gets Thrown to the Zombies on Robot Chicken

Exclusive! Check out a photo of the brains behind AMC's zombie hit getting what's coming to him

By Marc Malkin Nov 05, 2012 5:55 PMTags
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Robert Kirkman, the mastermind creator of The Walking Dead, is getting a taste of his own medicine. Or, better yet, zombies are getting a taste of him.

Kirkman will make his acting debut on Nov. 18 on Robot Chicken, Seth Green's stop-motion animation sketch comedy show on Adult Swim.

And only we have an exclusive photo of Kirkman's "appearance."

Kirkman has not seen the final cut just yet. "I know that I come out during some sort of argument and I try to talk about zombies for a little bit, but then I am swiftly eaten and devoured by a bunch of zombies," Kirkman tells us. "It's not the biggest role and I don't expect to be winning an Emmy anytime soon. But hopefully it will be memorable enough to have a lasting effect in the Robot universe."

And yes, Kirkman did his own screaming.

"Getting in a room and being able to scream as loud as you can in front  of other people on the other side of the glass is certainly a bit awkward, but it was fun," he said.

Kirkman insists he hasn't been bitten by the acting bug. He has no plans to make an appearance on The Walking Dead. "I find cameos like that extremely self-serving," he said. "I'm an executive producer on the show. I've got my name all over the show. I don't need my face all over it, too. It's not something I have any interest in doing."

Besides, he said, "Being covered in a few inches of latex and being in the sun in Georgia doesn't seem like much fun to me."