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Things are starting to get back to normal around Seattle Grace, aside from the fact a few of the doctors might get a whole lot richer.

What are we talking about, you ask?

Time to recap tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy!

To Settle, or Not to Settle: Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Callie and Arizona need to decide whether or not to take a settlement because of the plane crash. It's enough money to "be taken care of" as Callie puts it. Derek is the most resistant to settling after he goes and looks at everything recovered from the crash site. It hits him: If they settle, the results of the investigation will most likely be swept under the rug. They owe it to Sloan and Lexie Grey to find out what went wrong and make sure it won't happen again. So all the doctors agree not to settle.

April and Avery…Still Awkward: April's back, and of course she just happens to be working with Jackson Avery. There's lots of sexual tension, but Avery is still pissed that April wanted to pretend their night of passion "never happened." So they agree to stay away from each other. That lasts for the first 50 minutes of tonight's episode until April and Avery start going at it.

Cristina Temporarily Has a "New Person": Cristina is still having trouble adjusting to her new environment, and "being a team player" isn't exactly coming naturally to her. At times it seems like Yang could settle in there—we see some non-sarcastic moments with Dr. Thomas—but judging by how many times she calls and Skypes with Meredith, she just misses home. As for Owen, just when we saw some hope for those two, Cristina tells him they need to stop talking so much.

Love Lives: Alex can't keep his scrubs shut and he's sleeping with most of the interns. Avery tells Meredith how the Chief and his mother were together (intimately), so we're guessing that storyline is going to be back. Biggest tear of the night: Things are not good between Arizona and Callie. Arizona is still putting all the blame on her wife for the fact she lost her leg. 

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