David Hasselhoff, Home

Realtor.com; Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Ever wonder where The Hoff hung his red swim trunks out to dry after a long day on Baywatch duty?

Well, today is your lucky day! David Hasselhoff has just put his 8,947 square-foot Hasselhome on the market for $3.8 million and we've got the deets on the Knight Rider's digs.

The sprawling Encino colonial-style estate, located in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, is described as an "entertainer's paradise." It sits on a 1.5 acre lot, which boasts a tennis court, pool, waterfall and a grotto (wonder if the Hoff and Hef shared the same landscape designer?).

The house itself doesn't disappoint, either. The foyer opens up to a gorgeous two-story living room with windows overlooking the backyard. It also features a chef's kitchen, a library, a sun room, a pub room, an office and a gym.

Fun fact: E! News' Ken Baker went inside the home and reports that the Hoff keeps a VHS copy of every single episode of Baywatch in his office. Perhaps he could be talked into throwing those in, just to sweeten the deal a little?!

Not that we would haggle with the Hoff, but if you were going to, you might also see if he'll include his very own gold records that are hanging on the wall in the pub area—talk about priceless!

So, would you be ditching these digs if you were David? 

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