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Now that Brody (Damian Lewis) is working with Carrie (Claire Danes) and the CIA all the terrorist trouble is over, right?!

Please...we are only midway through season two people! Let's just say things are not off to a smooth start now that we think Brody has crossed over to the good side.

Let's recap "A Gettysburg Address" right now:

Follow That Terrorist: Since Brody revealed Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson) is working for Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban), Carrie and her crew tail her to see who else she's working with. Roya meets with a man the CIA are not able to identify, so Carrie brings Brody in to see if he can ID him. He swears he doesn't know who Mystery Guy is, but while he's there, he does come clean about killing the Gettysburg tailor who made his suicide vest.

Busted Bromance: Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) is buying into Lauder's (Marc Menchaca) theories about Brody so he digs into Tom Walker's death but his inquiries set off Saul and Estes who tell him to back off. Instead, Mike heads to Brody's house and finds the gun he suspects Brody shot Walker with and sees the bullets match. He pulls Jessica aside and tells her what Brody has done. She wants to believe Brody so bad that she tells Mike his strange behavior is because he's working for the CIA, but Mike still isn't buying it.

Hit, Run, Return: Dana (Morgan Saylor) is having a serious case of guilt over the woman she and Finn hit and then left behind. Dana ditches school and heads to the hospital to see if the woman is OK and while there, meets her daughter. While she deals with her bad conscience (which Finn seems not to have) she learns the woman ended up dying.

Triple Cross: Since the CIA can't figure out who Mystery Man is Carrie tells Brody he needs to approach Roya and fake-plant in her head that he overheard Carrie talking about a person of interest who recently entered the country (Mystery Man). While Roya doesn't say who the guy is she does hint that there is something incriminating at the tailor's shop in Gettysburg where the CIA are currently searching.

Homeland Recap: "I Was Right"

Shoot 'Em Up: Peter and a forensic team are at the tailor's shop in Gettysburg to look for any clues as to what Nazir is planning. If he built Brody's bomb, he was probably involved in other operations too. Carrie calls Peter with one of her hunches that something big is probably there. Before Peter can find out what it is a group storms the shop and start shooting. Everyone is hit. One of the shooters turns out to be Mystery Man. We see his team cut something huge out of the tailor's wall and carry it out. Once gone, we see that although Peter is down he's alive. Carrie then storms into Brody's office and asks if he knew what was happening. He denies it (do you believe him?) and embraces a crying Carrie. 

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