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Spoiler-phobes, step away from your computer immediately. We'll try to keep the secret details of the final Twilight Saga film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, to a minimum, but we've discussed the final scene with Kristen Stewart. And it's a heck of a scene.

The final minutes of the movie are a poignant love letter of sorts to Edward and Bella, the vampire couple at the center of this love story for five films now. So what was K.Stew's reaction to watching it for the first time?

"Yeah, no. Yeah no," she told us at today's press conference for the film. "I actually saw it a while ago and it...I wish I had a better way of saying it, but it's crazy. It's so crazy. You typically just don't get that opportunity to look back and I saw it again recently, I just saw the final cut and nope. It was a really good thing that no one was around."

And Kristen, who ditched her gray dress from earlier today for a comfy black and blue-striped sweater, says the finale wouldn't be the same without director Bill Condon. "My favorite thing about Bill is that he understood, really put his finger on what drives this thing...Not to make it sound sappy, but this thing is romantic. It's what is attractive about it. It is what is so stirring."

Those who've read the book—or just seen one of the final film's posters—know that this installment is all about forever. "I think if anyone was going to try to be cool about it, I think it would have been a shame. You can tell that [Bill]'s a huge fan of the story and everything that's been going down," Kristen told us about the romantic final moments.

"It's a nice little knife twist as well," she continued. "You're like, 'Really it's over?' And we'll give you one more little—I love that thing, I think it's really great. And I love Bill for that."

But now that it is over, what will Kristen do next?! "A question that I can't answer is: What do you want to do next? What's your dream role? What are you really looking to do? Where do you see yourself?" she confessed.  "I think things have fallen in my lap and I've been insanely lucky to get the right feelings and meet people that share them, if I can keep doing that I'll be a happy girl."

"I think that's why maybe I've played parts that are really similar to me, because I am young and I wanted to explore things that are more apparent to me," she continued. "Now I'm getting to the point where I want to dig a little deeper."

Kristen confirmed that isn't currently attached to any projects. And she also confirmed that playing a mom in BD2 hasn't gotten her biological clock ticking. She laughed, "I can't wait to be a mom. But like, I can wait."

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