Grey's Anatomy, Kevin McKidd, Sandra Oh

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy episode was filled with TMI and lots of emotions.

We finally learn what happened right after the Seattle Grace doctors were rescued from the plane crash, and some are handling it better than others.

And did Callie (Sara Ramirez) really cut off Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) leg? Find out what's going on with all of the docs now:

Meredith: In somewhat shocking news, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) seems to be dealing with the crash aftermath the best. She is the one saying everyone is going to be "fine" and that Sloan (Eric Dane) isn't going to die and Arizona isn't going to lose her leg. Let's just say being a psychic is definitely not Mere's calling.

Derek: His left hand was badly damaged, and it's likely he will only get 80 percent function back. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) seems to be at peace with the idea of consulting and teaching, until Callie suggests a risky surgery that may help him restore his hand completely. He wants to do it and wants Callie to operate.

Cristina: In the words of Meredith, say something please! While there is nothing physically wrong with Cristina (Sandra Oh), we find her in restraints and unable to speak because of PTSD. Once home and with Owen (Kevin McKidd)—who has been the sweetest—she finally talks and it ain't pretty. She recalls the bugs on Arizona's leg, Sloan who kept trying to die, having to drink her own pee and animals fighting over Lexie's (Chyler Leigh) dead body.

Sloan: He's alive! Well, in this episode. Everyone is nervous that because Lexie died, Mark—who is in bad shape—is going to stop fighting. Mark gets better for a while, but if you saw the season nine premiere, you know Sloan's fate. Did we really have to watch him die twice?

Arizona: After looking at the X-rays she withholds consent and won't let anyone amputate her leg. Meanwhile, Alex (Justin Chambers) postponed Hopkins and has been taking over Arizona's cases, but she isn't exactly grateful. Arizona berates him and calls him a horrible person and says she wonders why the crash happened to someone like her, not someone like Alex (remember he was supposed to be on the plane instead of Arizona). Callie wants to honor Arizona's wishes and comes up with a surgery to try to save the leg.

Unfortunately Callie won't get the chance. In the middle of the surgery she is performing on Derek, Arizona starts to crash because of the infection in her leg. Alex comes in to tell Callie, when she gives the order: Cut off the leg. And he does. It's safe to say Arizona isn't going to like Alex any better.

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