Arrow, Poster

Nino Munoz/CW

If you've been outside or in front of a television or computer screen, you've probably at one point stumbled across promo art for Arrow. And by "art," we mean Stephen Amell's handsome face and rippled torso on full display. Hey, we're not complaining.

But is Amell worried about all the attention his looks are bringing, attention that maybe should be aimed at the actual content of the show?

"I'm fine with the billboard being shirtless because it's a good show," he tells us. "If the show wasn't good, I'd be like, 'Oh, no! They're just trying to get as many eyeballs as they can!' But it's a good show."

He's right. Arrow is a good show, and it was actually one of our picks for best new shows of the 2012 Fall TV season. It's the perfect mix of ABC's Revenge and the Dark Knight series, but with a CW spin.

"He doesn't have any superpowers, and that makes him vulnerable. And that's what we want people to connect with. We want them to see a guy who has the same day-to-day problems as everybody else," Amell says. "That comes before all the action and the suit and the special effects. We want people to invest in that, because if they enjoy those interpersonal relationships, they'll enjoy the other stuff. I hoped that we'd see the character basically beaten down to nothing before he rises back up, and that's the direction that we're headed."

To hear more from Amell, including a story of a prank involving his billboard photo, check out our interview with the Arrow star in the video above.

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